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Outward Bound sponsorship.

Outward Bound is a non-profit organisation helping people reach their potential through learned experiences of challenge, success and self-reflection.

Fidelity Life's sponsorship is multi-layered: touching our adviser network, our staff, and young New Zealanders across the country.

  • We sponsor 20 students annually to participate in the course. 
  • We contribute 75% of the fees for five advisers to attend a 5-day leadership course. 
  • We support a number of staff to experience the life changing impacts of Outward Bound. 

Hear how 2 advisers realised their potential.

Meet our scholarship graduates

Each year, we'll enable 20 students across the country to tap into their potential and form strong connections to self, others and nature, by fully-funding them on a 21-day classic course.

Below are the stories from our students who have done the course so far.

Realise your potential adviser programme.

Here are the five inaugural adviser participants faced their fears, embraced the unknown and backed themselves to succeed!  

Fidelity Life staff.

Below are the lucky Fidelity Life participants. 

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Bellyful sponsorship.

Bellyful is a volunteer-driven charity with a simple yet impactful concept. They nourish and connect communities by cooking and delivering free meals to families with babies or young children who need support.

Our sponsorship aims to help scale and grow their operation so it can support and serve more New Zealand families.

Since 2009, Bellyful has cooked and delivered over 190,000 meals to more than 35,000 families nationwide.



At our recent national roadshow - Unplugged, advisers throughout the country generously donated tins of food and bags of dried pasta to support Bellyful.  

Fidelity Life staff have also rolled up their sleeves and helped out in a number of cookathons in Auckland and Wellington.  

Stay tuned for more info on how you can get involved.