Laken Gollop.

Laken Gollop.

Outward Bound 5-day professional leadership course.

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Laken Gollop.

Financial Independence Insurance

Outward Bound Classic #699     |     Huria     |  6 Mar 2023.

 "I think so differently now about other people's strengths."

Absolutely fizzing!

Laken was a bit shocked when she got picked for the 'Realise your potential' programme. She was really grateful that her company, Financial Independence and Fidelity Life had given her this chance.

Having heard it was a life changing experience, she became enthusiastic about what the 'take-aways' from this experience would be when she was back in the real world.

Although she was going to miss her pets, Laken was totally up for the adventure.

" I was very surprised I got in!"

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After the 5-day leadership course.


“Finding out how that person ticks and how they want to work with you is definitely the best way to think about a team.”



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Diversity of people's thinking.

For Laken, the unique learning from the course was seeing how different thinking and different skillsets of her teammates as a strength, not a weakness to the team. Her takeaway was if a person is in the right role that matches their strength, anyone can reach their potential.

Laken believes that this course would benefit anyone who is in a role that manages quite a few people with a variety of age groups.

In her group on the course, there was a variety of ages, and Laken found it insightful that the younger people had just as much to teach the older people in the group than the other way around.

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“I’m going to look after myself more. Health wise and physical wise. Focus on a little bit more 'me time'.”



Which bit was the most fun?

 Being alone for 20 hours on the solo activity. was one of the coolest part of the course for Laken. She found out that she does actually like her own company.

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"I just can’t believe how much clearer I have been this week with just getting up and doing it and being happy with the results at the end.”