Life cover.

Life cover.

Things don’t always play out the way customers had hoped

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Our Life covers include

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Life cover

Our Life cover has the flex to support your customers and their families in a number of ways. If they’re diagnosed with a terminal illness (and likely to die within 12 months) they can apply for an early payout. They can choose to increase their cover without further medical evidence as their life changes – getting married, having children, buying a house or taking out a business loan. They can even pause their cover for a year if they're made redundant, study at university, or go overseas for a while.

Available in Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus Level Term and Mortgage Protector
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Survivor's income cover

When a customer dies the effects on their loved ones can be life changing. This cover takes some of the pain away by providing regular monthly payments to ease the financial burden. As with Life cover, your customer can increase the level of their cover as their life changes without any additional medical evidence.

Available in Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus Level Term and Mortgage Protector

Available with Life cover:

These are a selection of the covers and options available and require payment of an additional premium – for full details please read the Life cover customer brochure or Survivor's income cover customer brochure.

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We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about this cover. For the full run down though, it’s really important you read our customer brochure.

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