Adviser council.

Adviser council.

Adviser Use Only

Key purpose:

The Adviser council has been established to bring together the know-how and vast experiences of our trusted advisers, forming a collaborative partnership on our journey to give New Zealanders certainty to enjoy a more rewarding life.

The council meets quarterly to: 

  • Feedback on new adviser and customer initiatives.
  • Collaborate on value creation for the industry.
  • Feedback on market and industry issues. 
  • Provide fresh insights, ideas and views.
  • Participate in open, frank and free-flowing discussion.


Adviser council members 2023 -2024.

Johny Winstone (Web No Outline)
Johny Winstone
Insurance Market.
Josh Cuttance (Web No Outline)
Josh Cuttance
Nick Wells (Web No Outline)
Nick Wells
Emma Hunter Leaf Resize
Emma Hunter
Financial Independence.
Mark Breen (Web No Outline)
Mark Breen.
Total Life.
Dean Logan (Web No Outline)
Dean Logan
Logan Smythe & Associates Limited.
Karl Moran (Web No Outline)
Karl Moran
Wealth Protection Specialists.
Amanda Haskins (Web No Outline)
Amanda Haskins
Amanda Haskins Insurance Solutions.
Yang Gu (Leaf No Outline)
Yang Gu
Your Generation Financial Services.
Andrew Millar (Leaf) (Resized)
Andrew Millar