COVID-19 – all you need to know.

COVID-19 – all you need to know.

Here at Fidelity Life we’re all about protecting your way of life. 

Our aim is to minimise disruption to customer and adviser service levels as a result of COVID-19.

Check back here regularly for updates on our response and any impacts on you and our customers.

If you have any questions please contact your Business Manager. 

For customers concerned about paying premiums, our retention team can be reached on 0800 203 750 or

We’ve also set up a special webpage for customers to help answer their questions and take the pressure off you.

Our response to COVID-19.

We’re committed to the safety and wellbeing of our people, customers and communities.

Our offices are open to our people and visitors as usual, and proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test aren’t required for entry.

However, we ask that you do wear a mask in common areas such as lifts, and where 1 metre social distancing is challenging.

We’ll continue to assess the risk of COVID-19 transmission and review our approach in response to the evolving situation and Government guidance.

Are customers covered for coronavirus?

None of our current policies have an exclusion for COVID-19. This means existing customers’ coverage isn’t impacted by COVID-19.

Here’s some general information for each main cover type:

Underwriting update - November 2020.

We’re committed to helping customers get cover.

We’re continuing to apply underwriting guidelines to ensure we’re consistent, particularly with disability cover and with individuals, occupations and industries impacted by COVID-19.

The good news is at this time there’s still no need to put any broad, mandatory policy exclusions in place. And to be clear we’re still taking a case-by-case underwriting approach.

We’re not sure how long we’ll need to keep these guidelines in place but we’ll continuously review our position and let you know as soon as anything changes.

Need help?

If you have any questions please get in touch with your Business Manager, Business Account Manager, Key Account Manager or underwriter - we’re here to help.


Fidelity Life Underwriting Guide

Underwriting FAQs.

Read FAQs.

Customers will be impacted by COVID-19 in different ways. We encourage you to continue to reach out to customers to understand whether they’re concerned about paying premiums. Here are some options available to help them keep their policies in place:

Premium deferral.

Available from August 2021.

Premium deferral is a simple, accessible solution to help customers facing financial hardship keep their policies in place while they get back on their feet.  

Key points: 

  • Premium payments will be deferred for 90 days
  • Cover remains in place during this time 
  • Prior to the end of the 90 day period we’ll contact the customer to discuss next steps based on their individual circumstances. These include paying off the deferred premiums in full or over 12 months (in addition to their regular premium), or other options such as temporary hold

How it works: 

  • Available from August 2021 
  • Customer simply needs to make a request to our team on 0800 203 750 or  
  • No twelve month stand down requirement 

Eligible policies: 

Premium deferral is available for all Fidelity Life policies except

  • Tower Funeral Plan / Funeral Cover 
  • Investment policies e.g. Gold Medal Plan 
  • Some older income protection policies with premium payback option 
Read FAQs.



Our retention team can be reached on 0800 203 750 or  

Please get in touch with your Business Manager if you have any other questions. 

Built-in hardship provisions.

Some of our covers have built-in provisions to support customers dealing with hardship:   

  • Premium holiday option – up to 12 months on select Life, Survivor’s Income and TPD covers  
  • Leave without pay option- up to 12 months on select Income Protection and Monthly Mortgage Repayment covers

Retention tools – on a case by case basis our Retention team can help customers with making up missed payments, reinstating cover or a premium freeze or temporary hold  

For more details please read our overview of hardship provisions. 

It’s important you check these details or the policy wording as some of the options stop cover for the period that the premiums aren’t paid.   

If you have any questions about supporting customers facing hardship please touch base with your Business Manager or our Professional Development team. Our Retention team can be reached directly on 0800 203 750.


If you’ve got customers with nib policies click here to find out about support available in the event of financial hardship.

New business: how to arrange electronic signatures.

We highly recommend all new business is submitted via eApp – let your Business Manager or Business Account Manager know if you’d like some training or a refresher.

To make processing your new business applications even easier during this time we’ve introduced a new electronic signature service for declaration and consent (D&C) and direct debit (DD) forms.

So if you submit an application via eApp where these forms are missing, here’s how the service works:

Step 1 – we'll contact you for instructions

  • You need to confirm you want us to arrange electronic signatures

Step 2 – you can email us the details

  • Put “Electronic Signature Required” in the subject line
  • Detail which forms the electronic signature is required for e.g. D&C and/or DD
  • Provide email addresses for each life insured, payer, policy owner etc – it's really important to get this right!

Step 3 – we email each signatory and obtain their digital signature

  • Our New Business team will email the D&C and/or DD page to each signatory as required
  • We'll give them clear instructions on how to sign - they can use any touch screen device or their mouse
  • The signed page will be saved automatically and sent back to Fidelity Life so we can continue with the application

Important notes:

  • The service is also available with pending paper-based pplications – you just need to email a request to our New Business team
  • The underwriting process will continue during this process. However please note medical information requests will be delayed as the signature page is required for these.
  • Please be aware the process could be subject to change while we review and refine the process over time - your feedback is welcome
  • We’re also looking at introducing electronic signatures to other forms and documents

Need help?

Our Business Managers are running eApp clinics for anyone who needs training or a refresher, and can also provide more info on electronic signatures.

Redundancy cover closed for new applications.

It’s become clear the impact of COVID-19 on the economy will be significant. In our view this is likely to lead to an increase in redundancy-related claims.

Therefore we won’t be accepting any new applications for redundancy cover under our Mortgage Protector suite effective from 18-March 2020. This also applies to applications to add redundancy cover to existing policies.

Existing customers with redundancy cover are unaffected.

Other updates & questions.

More questions?

If you can’t find the general info you’re looking for on this page then please email your question to and we’ll take it into account as we add more content to this page over time.