Maryann Pratt.

Maryann Pratt.

Outward Bound 5-day professional leadership course.


Maryann Pratt (Resized)

Maryann Pratt.

Professional Investment Services Manawatu Ltd

Outward Bound Classic 701 |     Blake    |  15 May 2023.

"Bring it on!”

As a working mum, running a business and being an adviser, Maryann feels she’s always giving everything she has to others. Going on the Outward Bound course is one thing she wants to do for herself. She also wants to grow her business and be the best leader she can be, train the next generation of advisers with great values and ethics.

Maryann’s looking forward to taking on this challenge to truly know what she’s capable of and find that inner strength. And to having a break from the mice wheel of the day to day, being able to stop and take stock of what she truly wants to achieve and set some hard out goals to slay!

PRO701PA Blake

After the 5-day leadership course.

“The ability to pack SO MUCH content into each day!  ”

It seemed like each day there was an impossible task to complete and Maryann really didn’t think it was possible … but each day we were able to navigate and get it all done!







Which bit was the most fun?

As there was no wind, the sailing experience turned into the rowing experience! But this ended up being the most fun. There was singing, lots of banter, everyone took turns being the leader.  Even dolphins came and encouraged them on. It was such a good team experience.


Group Tramping Photo

“Being outdoors and learning through that medium is so different from the corporate world.”

PRO701PA Blake Crazy

Everything is team - Ask for help, you can never do it all alone

"Being a leader can be a lonely experience. Maryann has felt this over the years. Her key learning was she realised she's not alone, she just needs to reach out and talk".