Jamie Norton.

Jamie Norton.

Outward Bound 5-day professional leadership course.

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Jamie Norton.


Outward Bound Classic #699     |     Huria     | 13 Mar 2023.

“Taking on a challenge and getting outside my comfort zone”.

Jamie was really excited to be chosen for the course. Recently recovering from burnout this was exactly what he needed to take a step back and discover what was important.

Jamie admitted that he wasn’t that keen on having no contact with his wife and kids for 5-days but realised this was something he should do for himself.

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After the 5-day leadership course - Huria #699

“Most of the activities are activities that none of us have done before.”


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Communication is key.

Jamie’s big take out from the course was to better understand how people are, their personality, how they like to do things and how they like to communicate.

Jamie has never done a leadership course as extensive as this 5-day Outward Bound course. He strongly recommends this course for anyone who is looking to grow and develop their leadership skills. The learnings were invaluable.

Which bit was the most fun?

Jamie found it great to have some time to himself without any distractions. He found having that clarity of time to just think was awesome.

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“Go with the flow, don’t come in with any expectations. You’ll see when you come, that everything is deliberately vague.”


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“ First time in a very long time, that I’ve just tried to be in the moment. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.”