May 2021.
On point

May 2021.

Welcome to On Point for May. Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year!?

We’ve got lots of updates to share with you this month, but we also thought it was the perfect time to pause, reflect and get your feedback on what’s working for you and where we can improve. You’ll find our short survey just below, please do give us your thoughts – it’s only 4 short questions!

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Our experience obsession mission.

In March, we let you know that we were kicking off customer research, starting with a couple of surveys.  We’ll be continuing this work over the coming months and engaging a small number of customers for more detailed interviews.

As valued partners, we wanted to let you know that we’ll be in touch more often with customers for interviews, journey mapping, and other activities with our Customer Experience team.  

Recently, we’ve been talking to customers about their claims experience and their opinions on our policy documentation.

We know you’ll be curious to know what we learn, and we’re keen to share more insights with you as we gather them so you can use them to help in your business also. The team’s also working on a process to give you a heads up if one of your customers has taken part in a research activity, so you’re kept in the loop.

See snapshot of insights.

Want to fast track the underwriting process for customers?

Telephone underwriting is perhaps the most effective way to speed up the underwriting of a customer’s application. It enables us to obtain outstanding information via a quick call to the customer (without having to delay the process by bothering you for consent).

Currently our e-App defaults the telephone underwriting consent to ‘no’, which means we need consent from you before contacting the customer.

Good news though - these options can be changed at any time!
Check out our 3-step guide to fast-tracking underwriting with telephone consent.

3 steps to fast track underwriting.

Product accreditation.

Part 3 accreditation questions will land in Learning HQ by the end of the week – we’ll let you know when they’re live and ready to be completed.

You’ll need to complete your accreditation by the end of June 2021 and we’re committed to helping you get it done – your Business Manager will communicate dates for accreditation workshops for your wider area.

Keeping in touch.

And lastly, a reminder to please continue reaching out to customers to understand the impact of Covid-19 on their cover. We have options available to help them keep their policies in place, the details are on our website.

That’s all from us this month!