June 2023
On point

June 2023

No policy fees for life, indemnity cover workshop recording and more.

Here’s our updates for June.

No policy fees. For life!*

That’s right – all illustrations generated between 1-June and 31-August 2023 for new eligible policies will have the policy fee waived for life*.

With 70% of New Zealanders being under-insured, we’re focused on closing the protection gap so all New Zealanders can have meaningful and affordable access to advice and insurance. *Terms and conditions apply.

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Fidelity Life in the 2000’s.

Fear of the Y2K bug, a flurry of activity with the introduction of a new logo, the founder of Fidelity Life, Gordon Watson retires and a brand-new partnership with Farmers Mutual Group established - what a decade to remember!


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And the winners are…

Thanks to the 200 advisers who completed our recent relationship survey.

Congratulations to 3 lucky winners, taking home a $300 Prezzy card each:

Christopher from Farmers Mutual Group.

Neil from Mainstay Limited.

Nina from Adelphi Financial Services Limited.

$69.1m paid in claims for Life cover last year.

Over 36% of Life cover claims were for what condition?


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Adviser workshop - Indemnity cover.

Over 300 advisers attended last month’s workshop on Indemnity cover.

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a recording.

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Making your job simpler one step at a time.

Up until now, whenever a new application was replacing existing cover, advisers had to complete an Advice on Replacement Business (ARB) and get it signed by the customer.

We’ve taken your feedback on board and have removed the ARB form as a requirement. As a result of removing this form, you'll notice the date on the front of the applications now shows June 2023. There have been no other changes to the application form. 

Please note that advisers are still expected to keep their own full and complete records regarding replacement business as part of their advice service for customers.