Adviser content hub.

Adviser content hub.

Welcome to Fidelity Life's content hub.

This hub has been created with downloadable articles to provide content for your newsletters. These articles are word documents to enable easy cut and copying into your newsletter. If you need this article in another format - email us.

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Product articles.

Introducing Fidelity Life’s - Mark it.

Mark it is Fidelity Life’s marketing hub, full of marketing material and strategies to enhance and promote yourself or business. 

A reminder from Fidelity Life - Faster processing and free temporary cover.

For faster processing and to ensure customers are entitled to Fidelity Life’s free temporary cover.

Who is eligible for Cancer companion?

Cancer companion empowers customers in 3 ways with a cancer coach, Second Medical Opinion and Mental Health Support.

No policy fees. For life!*

That’s right – all illustrations generated between 1-June and 31-August 2023 for new eligible policies will have the policy fee waived for life*.

Claims articles.

How much did Fidelity Life pay out in new claims last year?

Find out by viewing the first in their claims highlights video series.

What were the most common claims that Fidelity Life paid out for last year?

Find out by viewing the 2nd video in their claims highlights video series.

Fidelity Life’s 3rd claims video – Life cover.

What were the top Life cover conditions claimed for last year that resulted in $69.1m paid out. Find out in this video.

Fidelity Life's 50th celebration video series

Fidelity Life in the 80’s.

The 80’s - a decade that saw NZ secure our first ever rugby world cup title and Fidelity Life introduce its first ever computer-based quoting system.

Fidelity Life in the 90's

Their latest highlights reel spotlights the introduction of the internet, the launch of Critical care and the company’s first million-dollar annual profit.

Fidelity Life in the 2000's

Fear of the Y2K bug, a flurry of activity with the introduction of a new logo, the founder of Fidelity Life, Gordon Watson retires and a brand-new partnership with FMG established - what a decade to remember!


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