September 2021.
On point

September 2021.

New and improved editable forms.

Our new customer service, underwriting and medical forms are now live on Adviser hub!

As well as the updated look and feel, we’ve included extra information to help customers understand what they’re filling in and added the ability to complete and sign the form on screen, without needing access to a printer.

We’re also in the process of updating our application forms so they can be filled in and signed by the customer at home, we’ll let you know as soon as they’re available.

Electronic signatures.

Although we’re unable to accept typed signatures, the signature can be drawn straight on the editable form using a touch screen or inserted as an image.

Check out our new forms

Recording disclosure so all parties are protected.

To help avoid disputes at claim time, promote good customer outcomes as well as protect your business and ours, it’s critical we have records which confirm the customer was aware of the disclosure we received.

We’ve had some instances where customers have later disagreed with the disclosure advisers have provided to us in relation to follow up of medical questions. In most cases we gather information directly from the customer via telephone underwriting, however if you do need to contact us to update us on anything material to their application please cc the customer or attach their original email for our records.

This includes:

  • Disclosing medical history, financial detail, occupational or even pastimes.
  • Any changes to their application, for instance a change in sum insured, wait period or benefit period.
  • Start date confirmations and similar notifications.

Reminder - New to business (NTB) Key person cover - conversion options at 3-year anniversary.

At the third anniversary, all NTB customers (and their adviser) receive a letter outlining their options for conversion. There are several options to be considered, so it’s important you’re involved in helping them decide which bests suits their needs. If no action is taken, the cover becomes ‘indemnity’ rather than ‘agreed’, and therefore the ‘no ACC offset’ provision is no longer applicable.

Providing advice to your customers at the 3-year anniversary is important so that they can make the choice that’s right for them.

Customer letter sent at 3-year anniversary
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Covid 19 vaccines.

We’ve had a few queries regarding the vaccine so wanted to remind you that none of our current policies have an exclusion for Covid-19 or the effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. Customers are fully covered according to their policy’s terms and conditions.

Improving customer satisfaction during the application process.

Our NPS feedback tells us that not all customers understand the life insurance application process. So, we decided to see what we could do to improve that!

From June to August, we trialled the introduction of an automated email to all customers who applied via our e-application. The email acknowledged their application and explained the next steps.

The results have been positive with a significant increase in NPS scores from these customers, so we’ve decided to make it part of our standard process from 23 September.

A copy of the communication can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact your BM. 

Keeping in touch.

Please continue reaching out to customers to understand the financial impact of Covid-19 on their cover. We have options available to help them keep their policies in place, the details are on our website.

Our entire team, including Business Managers can be contacted as usual via phone and email and we encourage you to use tools such as video conferencing to connect with us. Essential services such as commission payments, claims and issuing new business will continue as normal.