New underwriting and claims resources.

New underwriting and claims resources.

Below are the latest tools and resources from the Underwriting and Claims teams.

What’s new? 

  • Quick reference underwriting guide incl increased financial underwriting limits. 
  • New financial questionnaire. 
  • New insurable income calculator. 
  • New claims brochure and videos.

Quick reference underwriting guide.

Designed as a ‘quick reference guide’, rather than a full underwriting bible – our new guide replaces our current underwriting guide, giving you the info you need at your fingertips when considering Fidelity Life. 

We've increased financial underwriting limits.

Have a read to find out more.


Download underwriting guide.

New financial questionnaire.

Easier to use and understand and no need to be signed by an accountant or solicitor! 

Check it out.

New insurable income calculator.

Our simple and easy to use calculator will help you to assess income insurability for self-employed applicants. It provides clear methodology underpinning all the calculations and is the same calculator that our underwriters use internally. Recorded workshop on how to use this calculator.

*Note - when you click on the download button, check the bottom of your screen and it will appear as a download.

The calculator contains macros which are essential to the workings of the calculator. If you have issues downloading the calculator, it will be due to your organisations IT rules on disabling or blocking macros.

Download calculator.

New claims brochure.

Our new claims stats are out!

This brochure is a great tool to use with customers who’re considering Fidelity Life. 

Download claims brochure.


Demystifying Indemnity cover workshop.

Watch the workshop recording,