Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The information collected by Fidelity Life will be used to communicate with you about this event. We may also use this information in the future to provide you with information about training, product updates or general information.

The information is securely held by Fidelity Life at Level 4, 136 Fanshaw Street, Auckland, or at a secure location to be determined by us and through cloud-based services who store information on our behalf in New Zealand, or Australia.

If you provide an email address, you consent to receiving emails from Fidelity Life. If you would like to opt out of receiving these email updates, you can unsubscribe here.

Important: If you unsubscribe before you attend the event, you will not receive any further notifications or reminders about this event.

You have the right of access to, and correction of, this information. If you would like a copy of your information, or have it corrected, please email us.