Level term

Level term

Our level term means certainty for customers

One of the key benefits of level term premiums is that they can provide customers with certainty about the future cost of their cover. 

While most life insurers in the market provide level term premiums for life cover, did you know Fidelity Life is one of the few offering level premiums for other covers such as trauma and income protection? 

And unlike other companies, we’ll only change our level term premiums for existing level term policies if there are tax or regulatory changes outside of our control which impact on the premiums. This means our level premiums provide customers with even more certainty. 

Changes to underlying rates and inflation? Still level. 
If we need to increase our underlying level rates - because of the claims experience, for example - this won’t flow through to existing level term policies during the term selected. 

And premiums will remain level for the term selected even if cover is increased with inflation each year. If the CPI option is included cover will increase each year by a fixed 2% for the term selected – but, subject to tax and regulatory changes impacting premiums, the premiums won’t. 

Have you considered a mix of level premiums (fixed component) and age-related premiums (flexible component) to help increase certainty for your customers’ future cost of cover? 

How does this compare to other insurers you work with?