Fidelity Life releases case study showcasing the power of preparing for the “just in case”.

Fidelity Life releases case study showcasing the power of preparing for the “just in case”.

Media release

26 June 2023

New Zealand’s largest locally owned and operated life insurer Fidelity Life has released a powerful customer story showcasing the real-life experience of a young family who faced an uncertain future following an accident. It highlights the crucial role of getting the right advice and insurance protection, and the peace of mind this can bring in times of crisis. 

The story features Denham, a 27-year-old dad who took out a mortgage protection insurance policy in 2017, "just in case” on the advice of financial adviser, Steve Maley of Trinity Insurance, when Denham and his partner Rhi bought their home. Little did they know their decision would make all the difference when, three years later, Denham was involved in a motorcycle accident that forever changed their lives. 

Thanks to the support from Fidelity Life and Steve in assisting with their claim, they were able to keep paying their bills, focus their efforts on Denham’s recovery and get access to the right resources to help with his rehabilitation. 

Fidelity Life Chief Customer Officer Peter Doherty says, "Here at Fidelity Life, our why is simple - to give New Zealanders certainty to enjoy a more rewarding life. We're humbled to have been able to support Denham, Rhi, and their two girls during such a challenging time, not only financially, but by ensuring he had a robust recovery plan in place. This has enabled Denham to rebuild his life, and get back into the workforce, providing a strong foundation for his family's future.  

“Many young families work really hard to own their own home and ensuring they can continue to pay the bills if anything were to happen provides much-needed peace of mind, so they can focus on what’s important – their recovery.  

“It's been heartening to see a 7% increase in the adoption of our monthly mortgage protection cover in the first four months of this year compared to 2022, so we know we’re helping more New Zealand families safeguard their home.” 

Recent data from credit bureau Centrix shows a 26% YoY increase in households behind on their mortgage repayments. With the cost-of-living crisis already hitting New Zealanders hard, this is a stark reminder of the crucial role that insurance protection can play in safeguarding families from additional financial hardship if the unexpected were to happen.  

“Denham’s story showcases the importance of getting the right advice and having the right insurance protection, not just for homeowners, but for all individuals and families,” concludes Peter.  

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