Fidelity Life release new podcast series.

Fidelity Life release new podcast series.

Supporting advisers on the go...

There’s no doubt things are pretty full on at the moment - whether advisers are seeing customers, working towards full licensing or managing their business around the latest challenges Covid presents – it’s all go!

And we’re right there with them. The new Fidelity Life Solutions and Services team has been established with the sole purpose of delivering growth and performance solutions to our valued advisers.

We’ll be doing this by bringing the best possible tools in the areas of business consultancy, digital solutions and a range of professional development solutions and services. We’ve never been more committed to supporting advisers build high performing businesses that drive great customer outcomes.

The first initiative we’re pleased to share is the release of a new podcast series designed to deliver the key outtakes of our Building Better Business modules to advisers via a convenient and easy to consume channel. Each podcast is around 4mins long – super easy to tune into whilst you’re going about your day.

Podcasts can be accessed via our Building Better Businesses page on Adviser Hub.

Topics include:

Business plans.




Conflict of interest.

Continual Professional Development.

Gift policy.

Health & Safety.

Cyber risks.



Speak up.

Vulnerable customers.

Record keeping.

Policies and procedures.


Business Continuity Planning.