Make doing business with us easier in 2024 with Live chat.

Make doing business with us easier in 2024 with Live chat.

Supporting New business, Underwriting and Existing business too.

Try Live chat today.

Since we launched Live chat, we’ve helped hundreds of our Adviser community with over 1,000 queries. We know this will continue to grow even further as we are supporting Advisers with new business, underwriting and now existing business in Adviser centre.

And there is more to come with our Live chat support – so watch this space.

See below what some of our Advisers have to say about how it’s making a difference doing day-to-day business.

You can now get access to almost immediate help with:

1. New business applications.
2. Underwriting and pre-assessments.
3. Management of your existing customers.

How Live chat can help with your everyday business.

  • Instant and hassle-free support: No more waiting on hold or spending time sending emails. Get real-time assistance with just a few clicks.
  • Fast decisions: Cut down turnaround times and make quicker progress on your cases.
  • Efficiency boost: Enabling you to multi-task effectively while chatting, maximising your valuable time.
  • Streamlined customer management: Assistance with existing business for easier customer updates and management.

Hear how Live chat is making a difference.

Our Advisers had the following to say about their experience with Live chat.

Pattern Checkpoint 2

“This new function provides a convenient and efficient way to resolve any pre-assessment concerns, or just general new and existing business queries."

Georgia Peterson, NZHL
Pattern 4

“Love the live chat, very fast and great having a record of the conversation.”

Taylor Mihaere, FMG
Pattern Business

“It was fast and easy to access."

Sandra Henriquez Maddison, Maddison Financial Services

How to get started.

Live chat is available 9am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Look out for the Live chat icon in Adviser centre.

For more information check out the demo video or How-to guide.

Go to Live chat.