<h1>Customer remediation</h1>

Customer remediation

Helping you to support your customers.

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Putting things right when things go wrong.

From time to time we discover some of our customers’ policies have been negatively affected by problems that require action from us to put things right. This can impact current policies as well as those which are no longer active.

Whenever problems arise, our priority is to put things right for customers. This involves fixing the underlying issue, contacting customers to advise them how they have been impacted, and explaining the steps we’re taking to remediate the issue. This may include making payments to affected customers if they’re entitled to receive one.

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Got questions or need support?

If you’ve received an email or letter from us about an incident impacting your customers, and have questions, please read the FAQs below or feel free to reach out to your Business manager.

Frequently asked questions.