Vulnerable Customers

Vulnerable Customers

We’re committed to supporting our vulnerable and potentially vulnerable customers

At Fidelity Life, we recognise customers can experience vulnerability at any time and can find themselves in situations that make them vulnerable. If people are vulnerable, they’re less able than other people to cope with and recover from stresses and pressures or make suitable decisions.

Now, more than ever, we need to be aware of our vulnerable customers and how we can best support them. So we’ve produced a video to help you understand our Vulnerable Customers Policy and why having this policy matters to us. It can also help you to identify vulnerable and potentially vulnerable customers.

See Video below.

You can also read our Vulnerable Customers Policy and Framework here:

- Vulnerable Customers Policy
- Vulnerable Customers Framework

If you have any questions please contact your Business Manager or our Professional Development Team.

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A vulnerable customer can be defined as someone who, due to their personal circumstances, whether temporary or permanent, requires extra care, support or protection to ensure they are not disadvantaged in any way.