Tahi - our new policy management system.

Tahi - our new policy management system.

What you and your customers can expect. 

Tahi will be launched in phases from 15 November 2021 through to April 2022. 

There’s some great new functionality that will gradually be introduced but let’s start with the basics. 

Accessing your data during migration.

From 28 March most existing Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus Level and Mortgage Protector policies will have been moved to Tahi. The remainder of policies not yet moved to Tahi, will be looked at and prioritised over the coming months.

The reason some policies have been excluded to date is to ensure pending proposals, alterations and payments are processed without delay to ensure the customer is not impacted .

What’s under the Tahi tab?

You’ll find details of all policies migrated (as per above). The ‘application requirements’ report will provide you with a greater level of detail on both the new business and underwriting outstanding requirements for your new applications.

There are also a range of new reports available under the ‘Customers and policies’ tab – with data for all of your policies migrated to Tahi.

Details on new business submitted before 15 November, increases and additions to existing policies and information on incomplete eApps can still be found under ‘My Clients’.

New reporting tools!

Data is a powerful tool for your business, and we want to support you in delivering good customer outcomes by giving you more insight into your Fidelity Life customer base.

As existing customer data is migrated from old systems to Tahi, our new reporting tools will help you to better manage your customers, find opportunities within your Tahi book and track your business performance. 

A reminder of what's new and different:

A calendar view of a few of the key milestones in a customer’s policy – things like special events increases, renewals, cover expiries, continuation options. This allows you to proactively engage with customers around upcoming events that may impact them and their cover.

A cover opportunities tool – reporting to highlight opportunities and gaps in cover across your existing book. This is particularly useful to understand what your product mix looks like across your Tahi book and support customer campaigns.

Information has also been added to existing reports – whether a customer has an exclusion on their cover, what the reason was for a missed premium etc.

Customer Brochures Covers Adviser Hub

New digital customer brochures.

Supported by extensive research and testing with real customers, we’ve designed a range of new product brochures that talk about our products in a friendly, jargon-free way and strongly prompt customers to contact an adviser.

Reflective of customer preferences and to uphold one of our strategic priorities of Kaitiakitanga (looking after the environment) the brochures are designed to be used digitally (attached to an illustration or emailed separately to a customer) and will no longer be available to order from Soar printing.

See our brochures

Changing from post to email.

We’re making things simpler, easier & greener in the way that we communicate with customers. For those customers that we have an email address for, we’ll be sending them a letter in late November to confirm we’re shifting to email communications moving forward and providing an opportunity to opt out if they prefer to stay with post.

As we shift existing policies to the new system some customers may receive a combination of post and email. The look and feel and terminology within the documents will also be slightly different for the documents generated from Tahi.

See customer letter

We appreciate your support and patience whilst we manage this process over the coming months. If you have any specific issues or questions, please contact your Business Manager or call 0800 88 22 88.