Our guide to using signatureless forms.

Our guide to using signatureless forms.

To simplify and expedite the processing of policy alterations, we've introduced a more streamlined procedure for cases where a customer is the sole policy owner. This updated process eliminates the need for a signed form and encourages the use of our digitally editable forms, offering added convenience for advisers and policy owners alike.


Here's how the process works.

  1. Adviser-requested changes:
    • An adviser can initiate the process by emailing the sole policy owner with the requested changes and asking for their acceptance via a response. You or the policy owner can then forward this email to us.
  1. Policy owner-requested changes:
    • The sole policy owner can email us directly or go through you, providing us with their detailed request.
    • The sole policy owner also has the option to complete the applicable form digitally and send it to us via email or through you. No physical signature is required.


Terms and conditions:

  • The correspondence we receive must be received by us, in its entirety, clearly showing the request originating from the email address we have on file for the policy owner.
  • This only applies to policies that have a single policy owner – standard process applies where there is more than 1 policy owner. 
  • This does not apply to Memorandum of transfer, Investment policy servicing, Non-smoking declarations or power of attorney documentation.