Annual product re-accreditation training.

Annual product re-accreditation training.

We’ll be rolling out our annual product re-accreditation training shortly. This will encompass the latest product enhancements that were announced at Engage, ensuring you stay informed about our offerings. You can expect to receive an email invitation with all the necessary links and details.

Completion of the re-accreditation training is mandatory for all advisers working with Fidelity Life customers, but shouldn’t take any longer than 30-60 minutes of your time.

While we have you, now’s also a good time to review and verify your login details for Learning HQ (LHQ). Please ensure that your information is up to date, especially if you’ve recently changed your email address or Microsoft account since your last LHQ access.

For more in-depth information about LHQ and how it functions, you can find additional details here. Get in touch with if you have any questions.

Advisers who’ve completed their initial product accreditation within 90-days prior to 1-November aren’t required to complete this training, but we recommend it because of our new product enhancements. It’s a great way to make sure you’re fully up to speed with our latest offerings.