Product enhancements and now passbacks are here.

Product enhancements and now passbacks are here.

Props We've Heard You V2

Back in November 2023, we made some positive changes to better meet the needs of New Zealanders and help make our products more competitive. By bringing meaningful product enhancements to market, we’re able to meet more customer needs and increase the relevance of our products. And we're pleased to widen these enhancements to even more customers with our new passbacks.

Who’ll benefit from these enhancements?

All enhancements are available as of 23-November 2023 to new and existing customers with relevant cover types, who hold Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus Level Term or Mortgage Protector products.

And from 1-May 2024 a selection of these enhancements will also apply to eligible covers under existing:

  • ‘Lumley’ products, and
  • ‘Protection Plan’ and ‘Platinum’ products that were sold on or after 1-April 2001.

Provided the customer was not suffering from a pre-existing condition from 1-May 2024.

See the full details for 23-November 2023 enhancements here.

See the full details for 1-May 2024 enhancements here.