Kaila Colbin 3

Kaila Colbin

Founder & CEO of Boma

Unlock the courage to build on your story, your legacy.

A globally recognised leadership guru with her organisation Boma, and founder of the Ministry of Awesome for high-growth start-ups, in 2021 Kaila joined forces with the Crusaders Super Rugby franchise to create the Crusaders Coaching Leadership Programme, an international high-performance course for coaches and leaders that deep-dives into the Crusaders Way. Kaila is passionate about leading with courage, and how exponential technology change can help us live more intelligent, intentional courageous futures.

“The future isn’t some static thing out there, waiting to happen to us. The future is created by us, by the aggregation of the choices we make every day. It’s time to stop watching the movie and start starring in it. Forget preparing for the future. We need to create it.”

— Kaila Colbin; Founder and CEO, Boma and the Crusaders Coaching Leadership Programme.