Our customer services team

Our customer services team

Sixty different faces, backgrounds, skillsets and music tastes. One commitment to you.

Today, our sixty strong Customer service team is made up of a diverse range of skills, experience, and people. We’re smart thinkers, great listeners and we’re people focused.


What we do.

Well firstly, we get to know you and your business. We listen to your needs and we cater our support accordingly. We source information and ideas, and we provide solutions to help enable you to better service your customers. We deliver personalised support in every interaction, and we do so with care.

We’re from here.

Being New Zealand’s largest locally owned life insurer means we know our place and our people. What they value and what makes them tick. We know how we talk and how we get things done. We’re here offering local support to like-minded people.

Get in touch.

Email our customer care team customerservice@fidelitylife.co.nz

  • Policy enquiries
  • Updating customer details
  • Premium payment enquiries

Email our customer administration team admin.services@fidelitylife.co.nz

  • Policy ownership changes
  • Policy alterations
  • Illustrations on exiting business
  • Policy cancellations

Email our customer retention team retention@fidelitylife.co.nz

  • Customer retention
  • Arrears and Lapse support
  • Financial relief options

Email our commissions team commission@fidelitylife.co.nz

  • Commission enquiries

Email our adviser care team advisercare@fidelitylife.co.nz

  • Agency enquiries
  • Policy ownership transfers
  • Apollo & adviser centre password resets
  • Onboarding queries