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What is Advice masters all about?

Advice masters is an intensive training and personalised professional development programme designed for experienced business owners in the financial services industry. Tailored for high-performing industry leaders, the programme aims to elevate your business to new heights through strategic development and coaching from industry experts. Only 30 places are available in the programme.

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What can Advice masters offer me?

Advice masters offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to your specific needs. Participants receive personalised programs delivered either one-on-one or in small groups by industry experts.

The programme encompasses a wide range of topics essential for business growth and success. This includes M&A, capital raising/funding strategies, high performance for business leaders, leading high performing teams, business strategy design and execution, governance, board craft, director skills, and sustainability.

Advice masters also gives members the opportunity to connect and share experiences with other business owners in their field, with group events comprising a portion of the year’s offerings.


Who are the facilitators?

Our programme is packed with insightful and relevant information presented by industry-leading facilitators. Learn more about our industry leaders and experts below:


Tony Dench.

Tony Dench is a seasoned director with over a decade of governance expertise and a 30-year corporate background spanning accounting, property, banking, and financial services in New Zealand and abroad. Currently, he chairs and serves as an independent director for various privately owned companies in financial services and charitable sectors. With hands-on experience in risk management within heavily regulated industries, he notably served as CEO for one of New Zealand's largest financial adviser networks for five years.


Henry Lynch.

Henry Lynch is a seasoned advisory and governance board chair, non-executive director, and former Financial Services CEO. His extensive portfolio includes leadership roles and advisory positions across various sectors such as health and safety, manufacturing, professional services, horticulture, and technology. Recognized as a Chartered Member of IoD and a Fellow of Governance New Zealand, Lynch offers invaluable insights to organizations aiming for growth, expansion and transformational change based on the strategic intent of `thinking like a customer’; not about them’.


Steve Burgess.

Steve is a longstanding compliance professional with upstanding integrity. With experience at the FMA, IIROC, and a prominent New Zealand financial services company, Burgess brings a wealth of knowledge from 7 years in both major banks and boutique firms in Canada. Overseeing more than 100 adviser businesses throughout his career, he prioritises the adviser-client relationship while ensuring positive client outcomes.

Questions about this programme?

We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of the programme, empowering you to achieve your business goals. If you have any questions, reach out to our friendly Adviser edge team at or your Business manager.

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